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Gordias is a revolutionary smart lectern solution for classrooms, it allows the lecturer to sit or stand in various positions instead of being tied to the regular place beside the table and therefore cuts off the Gordian Knot between the presentation system and the lecturer's table.

Gordias advantages:

- Flexible position of the lecturer.

- Maximum flexibility of classroom arrangements, the table can be placed at any desired position.

- Easy and intuitive operation.

Gordias features:

- Automated operation sequences of presentation system.

- Auto Power Off after a period of no people presence is detected.

- Special function - Presentation Freeze. Allows the lecturer to concentrate students attention to the writing board with no need to power off the projector. At a push of a button the electric screen is rolled up exposing the board and the projector goes into 'Blank mode'. The next button push activates the reverse sequence, the screen is streched out and the projector turns back to normal mode imediately without the need to wait for its bulb heating period.

- All video sources are scaled up to HDMI and sent to the projector via a single  HDMI cable.

- Source selection is made without user intervention, last connected source is projected immediately.

- The local classroom PC is operated by a touch screen.

Saving costs for the customer:

No need for specially designed lecturer table or separate chest to accomodate AV gears and computing devices.

No need for quarrying the floor for cabling installations

Simpler, easier and quicker system installation.

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